Thursday, 20 May 2010

More linking words.


Except (for).

You did very well except for this little mistake.
I don't drink, except for the occasional glass of wine.
They are all here except him.
Your essay was good, except that it was too long.

apart from.

Apart from a little dent on the bumper, the car wasn't damaged.
Apart from the fact that I do not generally like Italian food, the pizza was really good.



First of all (antes que nada).

First of all, I would like to thank you guys for putting in so much time and effort into developing this masterpiece.

First and foremost (lo primero y lo más importante)

First and foremost, you must always act according to your conscience.

First (or firstly). (Primero).

Our objective is, first (or firstly), to find out who committed the crime. . . . second (or secondly) . . . third (or thirdly) OR first, you are wrong. Second, you were very rude to me. Third, I'm still waiting for an apology.

At first. (Al principio).

At first I was scared of him, but then I got to know him better and he taught me a lot of interesting things.

To begin with (para empezar. emphatic and often used to express annoyance).

To begin with, I don't see why you find it necessary to be offensive...


Second (secondly) Used in combination with "first" or "firstly" -see the example above.

Then/after that(this)/afterwards, next. (very similar in meaning and usage =después, entonces). DO NOT USE" AFTER" AS A CONJUNTION: AFTER MEANS "DESPUÉS DE" NOT "DESPUÉS"

First they pushed against each other with great tumult and disorder, and then/after that(this)/afterwards, next they came to blows. (simply "AFTER" is not possible here).


Finally. (al final, finalmente, para concluir).

The food finally arrived at the end of the week.
...And, finally, a word of advice...

In the end. (al final resultó que... -en contraste con algo que había empezado de forma distinta. At the end: al final del libro, del día - referido de forma neutra a tiempo y espacio y sin contraste con algo distinto ocurrido anteriormente).

We started the project with a team of 4, but in the end we realised we needed more people. At the end of the month there were 10 of us.

Eventually (carefull, false friend, it does not mean "eventualmente" but "al final de todo", emphasis on duration, long wait, long period. Similar to "in the end").

We walked for days, and eventually we got to a hamlet where they could phone the rescue team.

At (long) last ("al fin". It denotes that something long awaited finally arrives)

Thank God, you are here at last... Don't you realise we could not start without you?


As regards,

As regards the effect of cinema on youth, it can obviously be both good and bad.

As for (more informal)

As for the suicides, mental health issues are a big problem across China as would be expected in an overpopulated state.

Concerning, regarding

Concerning/Regarding the issue of the high rates of unemployment, the situation is not expected to change in the near future.

With regard/reference to (A bit more formal)

With regard to your subscription, we have no record of it being cancelled.


In conclusion, in summary, to sum up.

In conclusion, in summary, to sum up the problem requires everyone to put in a great deal of dedication.

To put it briefly/In a nutshell.

I had never experienced such a degree of inefficiency.To put it briefly: this is outrageous.

On the whole, all in all, altogether.

The weather was terrible, and the accommodation quite precarious, but we had long hikes in the mountains and on the whole, all in all, altogether it was an enjoyable stay.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Legal vocabulary

Crime Statistics

Debate: the causes of crime.

Please, watch the video above and post your comments on what you think are the causes of crime. I have already posted my own opinion.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Phrasal verbs.

Here is a link to practise phrasal verbs.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Success and Leadership.

Are you a natural born leader? Take this quiz and find out.

And watch these two videos (links here and here) for the keys to success.