Thursday, 17 December 2009

Intermediate II. Listening: phobias.

Some of you, on dealing with the issue of transport and travel, have confessed to having a fear of flying. You may think that is a terrible handicap. Just in case it might be of any comfort, whatch the video below. Before watching it, go to the comments section where you will find some useful vocabulary and expressions that will help you understand it better.

Advanced II. Bhutan. Listening exercise.

The link below is to a video about Bhutan. In the comments section you will find a "fill-in-the-gaps" exercise with the script. I will forward the solutions on request.

Advanced II. Linking words



· Such as. E.g.: A plan such as you propose will never succeed/When hockey commentators such as Roy MacGregor or Don Cherry make controversial remarks, the buzz at the water cooler the next morning is louder than usual.

· Like. E.g.: The positive effects are things like, say euphoric mood, while the negative effects are things like headache, nausea, depression.

· For example/for instance. E.g.: Different jobs need different ways of relating to other people. For instance/for example, some jobs require that we ‘work in teams’ or ‘help the public’.

· Particularly/ in particular. E.g.: What can be done to help save endangered fish stocks, particularly/in particular the ones that are on the dinner table?

· Especially. E.g.: Family traditions, especially those that come from the kitchen, are what the holidays are all about


· That is to say/ i.e. (the latter mostly in written English. From Latin ‘id est’). E.g.: One of the best things about works of music is that they are repeatable, that is to say that one can listen to the same work over and over without becoming tired of it.

The three U.S. states on the west coast (i.e., Washington, Oregon, and California) have favourable climates.

· Specifically. E.g.: But I need to get this cancer info out there as I continue to learn more about the disease. And specifically the one that clobbered me.

· In other words. E.g.: What is the "message" in Lord Of The Flies? In other words, what does it represent?

· To put it in another way/to put it differently. E.g.: God showed Noah that he would "save his house" provided he built the ark according to the advance faith warning. To put it differently, Noah would not have saved his house had he not acted upon the faith information he received from God.

· In other words. E.g.: If you spend time away from someone you love, you will love them even more. In other words, you realise how much you love something when you spend time away from it.


· Or rather. E.g.: Today, I took—or rather gave—one of the three best yoga classes in my life,


· As. E.g.: Nathan asked if the man could please call an ambulance, as he was feeling a little faint.

· Because of. E.g.: This is a liberal essay rebutting the myth that the rich get rich because of their merit alone.

· Since E.g.: Since there was no agreement in the promotion of two other sports, the 2012 program will feature just 26 sports.

· On the grounds that E.g.: he has declared the negotiations of this treaty to be a secret on the grounds that divulging the information would harm the security of the nation

· Seeing that/as E.g.: Seeing that she has no money, Sally won't be going shopping

· Due to E.g.: Due to the lack of gravity on the moon, why don’t the smallest of rocks float off into space? –Gravity on the moon is about 1/6 that of earth. Not zero! Seeing as she's an athlete I can totally understand why she was probably unaware that she was pregnant

· In view of E.g.: The minimum penalty was imposed, upon the express recommendation of the fiscal in view of their spontaneous admission of guilt.

· Owing to E.g.: Owing to the complete disruption of transport and the consequent lack of supply of essential materials, the factories and mills have stopped working

· What with E.g.: What with all you have to carry, we should take a taxi.

· For E.g.: I do not pretend to make new discoveries or to include everything about my character's life or work, for I am sure that I would fill up several books

· Now that E.g.: Now that she has seen the truth, she apologizes for her actions, borne out of hatred.

· So E.g.: I stayed so I could see you.


· As E.g.: She did as her father had taught her.

· (In) the way E.g.: Eventually the colonists learned how to hunt for food –and they did it (in) the way the Natives taught them.

· (in) the same way (as) E.g.: When I became a presenter in front of the audience, I acted in the same way as he did on the TV Program Show.

· As if/As though E.g.: The thing that worried me most about the defeat at United was that Everton looked as though they were waiting to be beaten.