Thursday, 17 December 2009

Intermediate II. Listening: phobias.

Some of you, on dealing with the issue of transport and travel, have confessed to having a fear of flying. You may think that is a terrible handicap. Just in case it might be of any comfort, whatch the video below. Before watching it, go to the comments section where you will find some useful vocabulary and expressions that will help you understand it better.


  1. WORKSHOP: (in this context) practical course or group therapy.
    APOLOGY: The act of asking pardon. Verb: to apologise.
    ANY SORT OF: Any kind of.
    AVOID: escape, prevent from happening.
    AWKWARD: clumsy, embarrassing or uncomfortable.
    BORDERLINE: Close to a limit or edge.
    KEEP SOMETHING FLOWING: Keep something fluent, running without interruptions.
    Bark: Emit the typical sound of a dog.
    MAKE PROGRESS: Advance towards an objective.
    TRY ON: Put on an item of clothing to see it it fits or suits you.
    STOCKINGS: Item of women's underwear that fit both legs tightly, usually made of nylon. Pantyhose, tights.

  2. That's a very good video, but I have another very very funny related to phobias and its treatment.

    Enjoy it!!!!!