Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Advanced II. Other Conditional Conjunctions.

ASSUMING/SUPPOSING (supoñendo que)

Assuming he'll still get funding after Avatar bombs, James Cameron says his next project is "The Seven Samurai in space"

ON CONDITION THAT (a condición de que...)

The Magistrate sentenced him to five years' imprisonment of which two were suspended for three years on condition that he pays the sum of P21 784.05.


Dogs are good friends to you provided that you treat them well.
Normally students will be allowed to proceed to level 2 of the programme providing they have been awarded 80 credits in the previous year.

UNLESS (a menos que...)

Motor vehicle drivers should be liable for road accidents involving pedestrians or cyclists unless they prove it's not their fault.

IN THE EVENT THAT (sempre e cando...)

In the event that the Congress should fail to act, and act adequately, I shall accept the responsibility, and I will act.

AS/SO LONG AS (sempre e que/mentras que...)

So long as the economic management of the Bank of England is sensible, Scotland would not be disadvantaged.

GRANTING (to grant: conceder. Concedendo que... Asumindo que...).

Granting that animals are intelligent in the broad acceptation of the word, are they only perceptually intelligent or also conceptually?


Should the weather deteriorate, we always have the option of returning to base camp.
Should you need any more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

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