Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Adapting to a foreign culture

How well do British people adapt in Spain? Watch the following video after clicking on this link for the listening comprehension exercise.

And here is a reading comprehension exercise where the writer discusses cross-cultural issues.


  1. Yes, indeed. I absolutely agree that sometimes it’s quite difficult to blend different cultures, or more specifically, its manners.

    One of the most is the way we should greet when you are abroad. Which is the most suitable? Or rather, how would you prefer to be greeted?:

    Kissed -French style?
    Double kissed – northern Spanish one?
    Three times kissed - Switzerland?
    Even four times - Arabian?
    Hugged – Spanish again, lenghwise and widthwise?
    Hugged and kissed – southern Spanish?
    A cold and distant shake of hands - Scandinavian?
    A regulated and calculated bow – Japanese?
    A genuine Inuit nosed kiss?
    What about stirring all of them up?

    Are those real or simply a whole string of stereotypes we learn and transfer quite often?


  2. Sorry, instead of French is American, isn't it?
    And I forgot... a snog, oops!