Monday, 12 April 2010


Here is a video of an American artist called Chris Jordan where he shows how he depicts excess in American society through his works.

Alternative, by clicking here, you can watch the video with subtitles straight from the Ted page.

And, finally, here you have an excercise with vocabulary related to excess, more specifically words starting with the prefixes "over" and "out".


  1. This video lasts 11.17.
    I was sitting properly for the first two minutes.
    For the rest ones I started slipping down from the chair.
    Since I was alone I had not to cover my embarrased red face.
    But the worst was setting at the end. That so long anguished deathly silence…
    That man staring at me…so deeply, so harshly, waiting an answer,
    'I will never waste an only inch of paper or whatever. I promise.'


  2. Well... are we really like that?
    He talks about US but I felt included in some of the issues he talked about, for exemple "smoking".
    I must confess that about six weeks ago, after three years and a month with out smoking, I had a puff, and after watching this video I thank Good for giving me the strength to keep myselfe away from smoking again.
    About plastic cups, I just have to say that most of things we buy are packaged with plastic wraps, and each day I found more and more "plastic" in my daily life. In spite of trying to avoid buying plastic-wraped goods, I realiced that is impossible, and I gave it up.
    And finally, I think that people must think twice before decide about plastic surgery (here is "plastic" again) because in general patiens and doctors overstimate secondary effects.
    And finally, I promiss that I'm going to avoid plastic as much as possible.

  3. In some countries (Ireland...) you must take your own bag in order to carry your goods from the supermarket to home.
    At the same time, another business is currently growing-the newest and trendiest shopping bag mainly made of plastic, leather, card, fabric....
    In the Scandinavian countries, all the stuff (dishes, forks, spoons, cups...) utilized in sport competitions (at skii resorts mainly) is used to be made from potato!! In the end, it is thrown to pigs.