Thursday, 22 October 2009

Advanced II Disagreement 2

When Harry met Sally. Beginning of the film with dialogues containing expressions of agreement and disagreement. These sequences complete the other video you will find below from the same film.

Should you have any trouble to understand any of the lines and want to find out what they were saying, here is a link with the film script:


  1. Could anyone help me to fill in this gaps?

    I was sitting with my friend Arthur Cornrom in a restaurant. It was an ___ ___ cafeteria

    Thanks in advance!
    (and, of course, I wait your corrections because I´m sure that I´ve made a lot of mistakes)

  2. Ana: I can see you have taken this exercise really seriously... Congratulations.

    Unfortunately the gaps you're mentioning were already in the script, which means that not even the person who published it knew what the man was saying in such a broad foreign accent.

    I hope that helps.

    See you!