Thursday, 15 October 2009

Intermediate II. Explain Galician cuisine


Write an informal letter in answer to the following lines from a foreign friend (150-180 words, post it as a comment to this entry):

I'm looking forward to our trip to Galicia. I've heard so much about its fantastic cuisine! But Anne and the girls are a little bit worried that, being as unadventurous as they are, they will find it strange and unappetising. They have this notion that Galician food will probably be too hot and spicy to their liking. Could you perhaps send us a few reassuring lines explaining the main traditional dishes, the way they are cooked and the quality of the produce used. And do not forget to mention the ones you like most!

We cannot wait to see you again!

All the best,



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  2. Dear friend,
    Tell your friends several reasons to come to Galicia,
    Galicia is a very beautiful part of Spain. It´s green because it´s rain too much in winter but in summer the weather is nice, not very hot ( 20 to 23 degrees) and the sun shines most of the time. It´s an oceanic clime.
    The most of this land is near the sea, that´s why there are a lot of varieties of fish and an extraordinary selfish.
    There are kilometers of coast full of beaches with white sand and a delicious sea where you can swim and prove all the dishes from the sea. The restaurants prepare food for the tourist which has a wonderful taste. And you will be served by a nice people, in a nice place looking at the sea.
    Besides we have a wonderful raw material from the land, the potatoes are very famous because they taste delicious if boil them only with salt or fry them with olive oil. There are a variety of peppers which are very small and their name is “pementos de Padrón” they are known all over the world.
    Besides we have many cows which have excellent meat and milk. They eat in great green grass and lay on it under the sun.
    All these products are very natural, organics; that´s why we don’t need put any spicy in our dishes, we only cook them with some salt, some olive oil or when we cook stew we put in them some vegetables.
    Galicia is a little paradise in the earth, said to your friends. I am sure if you came here you never could forget this nice land and his people.

  3. Hi George!
    It´s funny to think about the ideas that other people may have about our traditional food.
    Galician food is not as spicy and hot as Anne and the girls think, so I will try to explain to you some of the typicall dishes.
    Depends on the season of the year you decide to come, there are some typical dishes that you can find tasty!
    In winter,it´s tradition to eat Galician broth. The main ingredients of this dish are boilt turnip tops,pork, beef, potatoes, and beans.
    In Carnival it´s also typical to eat a kind of slim omelette made with flour,eggs and salt called "filloas" that I find delicious.
    Galicia is also well known thanks to its rias and the seafood that you can find there.
    For example you can eat velvet crabs, spider crabs or goose barnacles, that are typically boilt with bay leaves.
    It is difficult for me to choose only one of our typical dishes because I love our cuisine.
    You don´t have to worry about the food because you can find a great variety of seafood, vegetables, fish and meat.
    See you soon.

  4. Dear friend:
    I'm rally glad that you come. knowing you as well as i do i´sure you will enjoy the mountain and the coast, and you will be able to have a rest from job.
    Don't worry about the girls, there's not just octopus and tortilla! you will find a lot of different kinds of vegetables, fish, sweets... and sea food of course! you cannot leave without tasting sea food! i will recomend you some real good places to eat. Furthermore you are all invited to an home-made foof at my home, and each one of you will be able to learn how to cook the typical dish you like the most.
    Anyaway, you can always go to Mcdonal's. (LOL)
    I see you soon. Love.

  5. Dear George,

    Galicia is a very good place to have fun and have adventures, because there are a lot of fantastic rivers , mountains and hills to practice all kind of sports.
    If you prefer to relax, Galicia has nice beaches with white sand and you can choose if you want calm water or big waves.
    Do what you do you´ll be hungry so we have the best seafood of the world, meat and fish are also exquisit. The typical meals from here are Galician broth which that is made with potatoes, cabbage,meat and vegetables, this is typical in winter. Octopus is one of the most famous galician meal in Spain. It is a bit spicy but very good. I think it´s my favourite.
    And to finish in carnaval people make omelettes and porc with turnip tops, I know you will like it.

    One big hug from Spain for you.

  6. Dear George,

    Thank you for your letter. I’m very happy that you and your family have decided to come to my country next year.
    Don’t worry about the Galician food because it’s fantastic and you will really enjoy it. We have great vegetables, fruits and fish in our land.
    Besides, Galicia has got the most important milk’s production of the Iberian Peninsula, so our dairy products are also delicious.
    But if I have to choose one of the most characteristical dishes of our country, I’ll choose the seafood. People really loves seafood and eventually it has become in a Galician food’s trademark.
    Clams, spider crabs, prawns, lobsters or even the economic mussels are perfect to taste the excellence of Galician seafood.
    I’ll take you to taste in a traditional way, I promise.
    I’m looking forward to hearing from you,

    Best wishes,


  7. Dear friend:
    Galicia is a very beatiful country, and you have to visit it as soon as possible,because it's difficult to explain who beatiful is it.
    You shouldn't be worry about the girls and the Galician food. In Galicia people can eat every kind of food,because there are a lot of typical dishes with different tastes. For example, if you like spicy or heavy food, you can eat a stew with spicy garlic saussage, Galician broth or a trip stew. They are so nice, but if your friends don't like spicy food, you can taste some boiled vegetables,like turnip tops or cabbage whiy potatoes, or a vegetable soup. Salads are in Galicia so healthy and fresh too, because the ingredients are usually own grown.
    On the other hand, fish and meat have very good quality in Galicia. You can always find them in the supermarket and they aren't expensive. Meat is usually pork or beef, but you can eat a lot of different dishes with it. About fish, you can eat it boiled, frie, roast, ...,served whit potatoes, vegetables, mushroom sauce, etc. We have delicious seafood too, whit are cocked in their sauce and whit salt. I think seafood is the most typical dish in Galicia.
    In conclusion, I recommended you to visit Galicia, because it's a wonderful place, and you don't have to be worried about food, becouse you can choose the once you prefer, and I am sure you will love it.
    Love: Marta