Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Punch on the face

I know, I know, this is an educational blog... You are all a big puzzled by this video link. If you watch it, you will understand why I have posted it. It is part of an Internet campaign intended to spit on the face of those abominable sexual predators who through their Web searches take part in the destruction of the lives of vulnerable children. They typically search for words that make anyone's stomach turn, and which -forgive me for it- I will list next as a lure: angels, lolitas, preteens, boylover, pedolover, fetishboy. Paedophiles: STOP THE ABUSE OF POWER AS A SEXUAL AROUSER, ACCEPT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: YOUR ACTIONS MARK CHILDREN FOR LIFE.


  1. All this remove my stomach, my hurt and all my body: have to see like these kind of abominable people hurt the children, abuse them… they are destroying the life of thousands little boys and girls. All of them are our children.
    If we don´t stop this perversion we will be responsible anyway.
    Please I Want to send this video to my friends, how can I do that?

  2. This social sickness chills my blood.I have no words to describe what this disgusting depravity makes me feel.But let´s think about it coolly.There are people who found a profitable investment en this and although they are guilty, the questions are: why are such business in great demand?, and what have turned out in this society to be wrong?. Parents want children to learn maths, physics, languages... and they probably forget about values like RESPECT for human beings.I say this because it´s well known that important and prestigious persons are consumers of child pornography. Therefore, let´s think how this generation of adults have been brought up and how are we bringing up our children!!!!

  3. Marisol, it´s quite late and I´ve just came into this post but I´m not able to watch the video and share feelings in this delicated matters at this night time (Carlos, your blog-clock is "out of hour??"). It seems to be very interesting and I´ll promise my point of view (I suppose when you asked for a post, It must be very interesting).
    See you you!!