Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Advanced II. Personality and star signs

It is not that I am a great fan of astrology. In fact, I think it is all a load of old mythological gibberish. But it can actually be as good an excuse as any other to start up a conversation on people's personality. Here is the activity I suggest: go to and do a search with your star sign with the words :

"All about astrology: the sign (here you must key in your zodiac sign) in astrology."

In case you cannot remember the spelling, the list is: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

Listen to the 2 to 3-minute long video and then post a comment on which things from your sign description could be used to define you and those which are a far shot (not characteristic of you by far). Here is my own sign as an appetiser.


  1. Yes, indeed. I absolutely agree. I mean, a natural leadership sign, a charming and balanced person; nothing to say on my ability on bringing people together or working in groups of people; highly nursistic?; what about I'm the best working for other people or the strong active role in life?
    I wonder how wil I be able to keep such an excellent reputation?

  2. I´m a Pisces, and even though I don´t give much credit to all this astrology thing, I think I can have some of the attributes this guy says. I can be moody and indecisive, and I also tend to give more than I receive, because of my character.

    On the other hand, I´m not extraordinarily talented or creative either, I don´t like number 7 (that´s everyone´s favourite, mine´s 11, by the way) and that "dead sign" thing he says scared me a little bit!.

    P.S.: I love when he says that we pisces are "wishy-washy" and how he says "Oh, I can´t make up my mind!"

  3. Apparently, i am ambitious and practical and i would do anything to get what i want, and i am not good in social relationships unless it involves personal interested status climbing (even marrying anyone if that helps)

    I have always hated starsigns because capricorn tends to be the evil one that has too much interest¬¬

    I think i am not that bad at making friends, but i may agree taht i am a practical person.

  4. As a pisces, I supose to be moody, indecise or spiritual... may be I am not pisces... I do not even like number seven, actualy, I hate even numbers!
    I can not see many characteristics about my personality in this video, although I am sensitive and quite creative.
    On the other hand, if we are moody because we can project any other startsign, that means we do not have an own personality what makes me complitly disagree with this man.

  5. Leo people are supposed to be "dominants" and "like to be the centre of attention anywhere we go", between another egocentrical characteristics. But on the other hand, they may tend "to stay to much on the shade" and be extremely shy. I can idenfify my self in both descriptions depending on the situations I´m living. Does it all means I am not a "real Leo"?

    Anyway, listening to this video I´ve just realised I´d have to accumulate a lot of characteristics which I´m seriously doubting to attribute to my zodiac sing or to my place on my family birth order and not because I seem to be like my mother ou my father or my grandpa,...