Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Questions for Mississippi Diana

Mississipi Diana talks about friendship

1. Before listening, you will need to get acquainted with the following vocabulary.

Through thick and thin
To give someone a helping hand
To ponder
depend on someone
a southern bell
geared up

2. While listening. Say whether the following statements are true or false (mark T or F):

Mississipi Diana thinks some friends might be thick and some others thin.
She thinks friends just accept you the way you are.
She thinks friends are people who like us and who we like in return.
Her mother moved away to another state two years ago.
She most misses the last years she enjoyed her mother's company.
She met her husband through the Internet.
Sabrina taught her how to look after her plants outside.
Sabrina taught her how to cook unusual dishes.
She has lots of things in common with Mary who is about her same age.
Both like talking about the Titanic.

3. Complete the missing words (one or two per gap)

Mary lives in __________ and Sabrina lives in ____________ and I am here in Mississippi.
So the one that I have to _________ is my husband.

Dolores and Paula. They are great girls. And I kind of __________ in the future them being true personal friends.

They are polar opposites from one another, so what did that tell you about how ________ I am...

Don't expect everybody that you meet will become __________ or a close _________ friend.

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