Sunday, 1 November 2009

Advanced II. Linking Words II



SIMILARLY. e.g.: Sheep identifly their lambs by their bleet. Similarly, a baby's cry is instrantly identified by the mother. En galego "do mesmo xeito."

LIKEWISE. e.g: The banks advise sending cash. Likewise, sending British cheques may cause problems. En galego "do mesmo xeito".

IN THE SAME WAY. e.g: Individuals who are forcibly changed will quickly declare that this is not true. In the same way, transgendered persons will resist any assigned gender identity that they do not want. En galego "do mesmo xeito".

EQUALLY. e.g: Not all those who live in the inner cities are poor. Equally, some poor people do not live in the inner cities. En galego "do mesmo xeito".


DESPITE. e.g.: He didn't get the job despite the fact that he was/being qualified for it.

IN SPITE OF. e.g.: He didn't get the job in spite OF (i) the fact that he was/(ii) being qualified for it. NOTE “DESPITE” IS NOT FOLLOWED BY A PREPOSITION, WHEREAS “IN SPITE OF” IS.

REGARDLESS OF. e.g.: He carried on regardless of the difficulties he encountered.

ADMITTEDLY. e.g.: Admittedly she tried very hard, but she didn't complete the assignment. (It is true that she tried very hard, but she didn't complete the assignment).

CONSIDERING. e.g.: He recovered very fast, considering how ill he was.


EITHER... OR. e.g.: The past can hurt. You can either run from it or learn from it.

ALTERNATIVELY. e.g.: The past can hurt, and you often try to run away from it. Alternatively, you can learn from it. NOTE THE PUNCTIATION.

NOT ONLY … BUT ALSO. e.g.: Not only should you get the seasonal flu vaccine, but also the pandemic flu vaccine.


WHAT IS MORE. e.g.: He enjoys a prosperous life, with a healthy family, land and livestock. What is more, he is a good and righteous individual.

AS A MATTER OF FACT/ACTUALLY e.g.: Have you talked to your girlfriend lately? Yes, as a matter of fact/actually I talked to her on the phone last night.

TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH. e.g.: They look like twins but to tell you the truth they aren't from the same family or country.

INDEED. e.g.: I did not tell her the truth. Indeed, I should have done it, but I was afraid of hurting her.

LET ALONE. e.g.: Do I have a hundred pounds? I do not have five pounds, let alone a hundred pounds. En galego "e xa non digamos."

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  1. The "Galego" translations are really helpful, thank you. No, seriously, these are really good words for writing.