Friday, 6 November 2009

Advanced II. Funny Job Interview.

Below, you will find a link to a video we watched as a humorous conclusion of today's class. The sound quality is not very good, but a previous reading of some of the vocabulary and expressions (thay I have included in the comments section) will make it easier to understand.

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  1. 1. How are you today?

    2. Did you have any ......... finding the place?
    -Corporate greed = a coviza empresarial
    -set the roof on fire = prenderlle lume o tellado.
    -my pimp = o meu "chulo".
    -neighbourhood= vecindario.

    3. How would you ......... yourself?
    -registered/unregistered sex offender = que aparece nun rexistro de agresores sexuais.
    -busted = roto/a
    -trapped = atrapado
    -two thirds water = dous terzos de auga
    -a team player = bo para traballar en equipa.
    -always willing to learn = sempre con vontade de aprender.

    4.What do you think is the greatest ............. that you would bring to this position?
    -chicks (Am. slang) = mozas, rapazas, nenas.
    -dig: molarle/les "Mary digs me" = "a Mary mólolle."
    -an iron plate in my head = unha placa de ferro (metal) na testa.
    -a positive attitude = unha actitude positiva.

    5. In ..........., what would you say would be your greatest ................. if you were working for this company?
    -kryptonite = pedra que facía enfeblecer a Superman.
    -redheads = roxas (pelirroxas)
    -office supplies = artículos de oficina.
    -I'm a bit of

    6.What's ........... you to this career?
    -worshipped from afar = adorei dende lonxe.
    -the ad you pun in the paper= o anuncio que puxeron no xornal.
    -Persuasive = convincente.

    7. What kinds of .......... do you have right now for your ........?

    -goals for your career (career goals) = metas na carreira profesional.
    -where I didn't have to wear pants (American English) = trousers
    -parole officer = axente a cargo das persoas baixo liberdade condicional.
    -cosy = cómodo.
    -ultimately = como finalidade última.
    -management position = posto de xestión

    8. What kind of ............. do you have in this area?
    Dull: imbécil, aborrecente.
    Dumbass (TABOO) (AmE. slang) = tonto do c*##.
    They've better porn... (non se oe moi ben)
    -enroll in some advanced learning courses = matricularse nalgúns cursos de aprendizaxe avanzada.

    9. Thus far in your career (...) what would you say has been the most ........... accomplishment you've experienced?

    -thus far = ata o de agora.
    -rewarding accomplishment = logros gratificantes.
    -scratch my n*** (TABOO) = rañar as "gónadas sexuais masculinas" (ejem... desculpas)
    -breast implants = implantes mamarios.
    -wrapper = envoltorio.
    -I rate in the top ten percent of my graduating class: terminei a carreira entre o 10% con mellores notas.

    10. Five years ..............., where do you see yourself?
    -to ask out = pedir a algúen unha cita amorosa.
    -I bet evil machines will be ruling the world by then
    -I'd really like to own my own business someday

    11. What would you say after all this work you've done has been probably the single most complex thing you've ever have to .................?

    -gold strands = fío de ouro
    -gold bars = barras de ouro
    -I personally oversaw (oversee) = persoalmente supervisei.
    -either way = dun modo ou do outro. Nun sentido ou noutro.

    12. how did I do?
    -We don't actually work here