Monday, 16 November 2009

Intermediate II. Debate (2)

Is it better to be laid-back, easy-going and lazy or responsible, hard-working and moody?

Post your comments.


  1. I think is better to be laid-back, easy-going, responsible and hard working, and of course I think is compatible ,but if I had to chose between a laid-back, easy-going and lazy person or a reponsible, hard-working and moody person to get married with him I´d prefer live alone because I couldn´´t live with a lazy perosn but however it´s a friend I´d prefer to be lazy, I´m sorry but for my is important be fanny, and get on well with most people.

  2. I think that a laid-back, easy-going and lazy person could be better as a friend, but not at all as a worker in your company. If I were the boss of a company I chose a responsible, hard-working and moody person. I didn’t mind if the person was moody in case he or she worked correctly.

  3. I'm a very hard-working person and I cannot stand lazy people, it is no important how easy-going and fun are they...
    I think being moody is not a defect, because the rest of the people must adapt to your moods an if you are active and responsible you have to be moody.