Thursday, 19 November 2009

Advanced II. The Global Economy, Corporate Greed, Outsourcing and Unemployment.

For those of you who could not watch the video in class or want to do it again, here it is.


  1. These people must accept what happens to them, because companies have to make a profit and if they can make a better profit in another place, it is their obligation to outsource there. They seem very week to me, weeping all the time. The company has no obligation towards them, it just has to make money. There is no moral responsibility in business.

    They must go to courses and try to find a new job. That it what I did when I lost my last job and I did not stay at home and cry. Life is tough and we must be prepared to fight.

  2. If we do not want companies to outsource, we have to accept much lower pay and work for many more hours. It is the only solution. Workers in the Western world are spoilt brats always wanting improvements in their quality of life, but that is the best way to get poor because quality of life cannot compete with countries like China were workers live in their work place, as it should be.