Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Advanced II. Work versus Job


Remember that “work” as a noun is uncountable. Do not say things such as “*that was a good work”, or “*I have two part-time works.” The only time “work” can be countable is when referring to a work of art (literature, painting, sculpture etc.). As you know, it is also a verb ("trabajar", although, when referring to a machine or something abstract such as a "measure/strategy" it also means "funcionar")

Job, on the other hand, is a countable noun that primarily refers to someone­­’s post/position in a particular company or institution. It is not commonly used as a verb.

The emphasis of job is the post/position you have that enables you to earn a living, duty, responsibility (also “task”) whereas “work” suggests the effort you have to make to earn a living.

Common expressions with work.

To put a lot of work into sth.

To be at work

To be hard at work.

To be off work (i.e. to be off sick).

To take a day off work

I­­’ve got so much work to do

Friends from work

The Works (obras o fábrica. E.g. “there were road works on the motorway”. “At the metal works they make aluminium rods”)

Shift work

Team work

Office work

Work load (carga laboral)

Paperwork (papeleo)

Work overtime

Work place

Work force (mano de obra)

Work exerience

Common expressions with job.

The best person for the job

It is your job to make the beds

You are doing a good job

It is a good job that

Job hunting

Job description

Job creation scheme

A stable job

A job offer

To apply for a job

To be part of someone’s job

Expressions where job and work are interchangeable:

That was a good job/good work (but "keep up with the good work).

Be out of work/a job

But Compare:

It was a job for a professional

It was the work of a professional

Other useful expressions:

To take/be on sick leave/maternitiy leave.

To take a break from work.

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