Friday, 6 November 2009

Advanced II. CV Resume Writing

Homework for next week: Write a one-page resume (between 200 and 230 words). It can be your own, but preferably an ideal one containing the skills, education and work experience that you would have loved to have. Base it on the following layout and tips:


In the CV heading you can write your general information:
Local address
E-mail address
Phone number


- Optional, but highly recommended. • Include type of position or occupational field you wish to enter, skills, experience, and background you have to offer, and any special interests or areas of focus.


• List institution name, post secondary degree(s) received and dates earned or expected• Include major, minor, area of concentration, specialization, or certifications.• List city & state when looking outside of state where employers may be unfamiliar with your college location.• Don’t include institutions you attended, but didn’t receive a degree from, GPAs under 3.0, and years enrolled.• This category may be a separate section or divided into subsections depending on the information presented.• May include relevant courses and skills/knowledge learned, special projects, G.P.A. if over 3.0, honors, awards, scholarships, thesis, research projects, percent of college expenses earned, extracurricular activities.


– Required. • List paid and unpaid experiences, internships, co-ops, volunteer activities, fieldwork, student teaching, etc.• Include position title, employer or setting, city, state, and dates. (Place in reverse chronological order).• Emphasize responsibilities, accomplishments, and skills. Think - How? Why? Results?


- Optional• Title this category(s) according to type of information presented.• May include professional/student associations and positions held, athletic participation, extracurricular activities, special skills (computer, languages, etc.), certifications, publications, military or community service experience, interests, etc.

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