Monday, 16 November 2009

Advanced II. Work-Life Balance.

Watch the two videos below and leave your comments on work-life balance.

As requested by Ana, I have included in the comments some potentially difficult expressions from the first video. I hope they help.


  1. Seing this I am pleased to be a "simply" housekeeper!!

  2. Blackberry = The BlackBerry is a phone widely used in the enterprise for its wireless email handling capability.
    Laptop = portable computer
    Right along with = alongside with, together with
    Sunscreen = suntan lotion (also “sun cream” or “sun block”) that blocks the passage of dangerous radiations to your skin.
    Tips = Advice
    To get away from it all = to escape from the troubles of daily life.
    Mandatory = legally obligatory, compulsory.
    Innovative (note the double “n” and the pronunciation [,ɪnəˈveɪtɪv]. In Brittish English /ˈɪnəvətɪv/
    Hit the ground leading = to begin leading with great energy, a title of the guest’s groups.
    A number one growth strategy = A very important strategy to grow as a person
    Delegate = pass work on
    It’s got a really neat return on investment = Your effort pays off, you get results.
    Good way of putting it = good way of expressing it.
    Wireless devices = devices for transmission of messages by waves through space.
    Happy medium = the satisfactory balance found when escaping extremes.
    Run a company = To manage a company
    Entrepreneur = a person who sets up a company.
    Hate to admit it (self explanatory but included just in case you could not hear it well)
    To set boundaries = to set limits.
    Chill time = relaxation time.
    To get sucked into it = to get absorbed by it.
    Some interesting stats (short for “statistics”)
    Vacation deprived = without the right of enjoying one’s holidays.
    Employers should be on board = employers should be involved.
    Background = personal history and experiences.
    “R & R” (rest and relaxation)
    Sharp, focused and productive = fast thinking, concentrated on the task and efficient.
    On the side = apart from the usual.
    Reenergised/reenergized = full of energy again.
    Caught in the grind = trapped by the routine of work.

  3. Your post has been very useful.
    Thank you very much!!!